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tat2menow rose tattoo TattooMeNow Review   Select From Best Tattoo Designs

Tattoo is a kind of body marking that is created by inserting ink indelibly into your skin’s dermis layer. Nowadays getting tattoo has become a craze. People are getting themselves tattooed as they feel that it completely changes their personality. At TattooMeNow, you can avail variety of tattoos like big tattoos, body covering tattoos, tattoos for men and women, small tattoos, and so on. Customers can select tattoos based on their taste or choice. When selecting a tattoo, one has to be very careful because permanent tattoos once done cannot be removed. Moreover, a tattoo should be such that makes you feel always when you look at it instead of making you feel regretted on seeing it after few days. Choose a tattoo that matches with your personality.

Often people select some symbolic designs and in most of the cases it becomes a wrong decision. Symbolic designs come with a time frame after which they don’t suit your personality. Hence, you have to see to the design and colours that enhance your character. You will find a broad range of tattoo ideas on TattooMeNow that go perfectly with your body language and style. Tattoos are no doubt painful, permanent, and expensive. There are many who even find tattoos unattractive or repulsive while there are many who find beauty in them. For those who don’t find tattoos quiet attractive or a fashion trend should definitely see some of the exclusive tattoo designs offered by TattooMeNow. After this, they will definitely become tattoo fans and get one done on their body.

Different people judge you in different ways if you get a tattoo done on your body. For some you may be an uneducated person while for some you may be immature individuals, and some may feel you are a crazy fashion follower. Usually people have a thinking that tattoos are done for grabbing attention, or when one has rebellion against society. But this is not the fact because people get tattooed because they like it and feel great to have it on their body. There are many who get full body tattoo while some opt for full hand tattoo. The reason is that tattoos make you look different when you are standing in a crowd. People wear clothes to show off their tattoos not because they seek attention but because they want people to praise their latest fashion trend.

TattooMeNow offers membership so that people get an opportunity for making a decision about having a tattoo quietly and peacefully from their house. The best part of this membership is that it acts as a source of inspiration where people can share photos, videos, and interact with those who have already got a tattoo done on their bodies. There are five components/features in this membership and they are:

Design gallery-:

the design gallery consists of more than 3,523 designs that are unique with 40 separate categories. Some of the categories included are biker tattoos, tribal tattoos, Chinese, butterfly, abstract, and fairy tattoos. The best feature of design gallery is that the individuals can take a print-out of the designs that they like or want to get tattooed on their body and give this design to the tattoo artist. It also offers bookmark feature using which it becomes easy to get back to some design that one needs for later reference. Tattoo lovers can spend hours on browsing through the collection of unique designs and select for themselves the design that they like the most.

Members’ gallery-:

another excellent feature that TattooMeNow offer is helpful and active community. When visiting the members’ gallery you will find hundreds of pictures of tattoos that people post in various categories. These pictures are of tattoos that people have got done on their body and they want to know what different people think about their design, or find insight for adding new design, or getting advice about colour changes, and so on. For every tattoo, visitors can put comments, or give ratings up to five stars. The member photos are organized very neatly into separate categories so that visitors find it easy to view specific areas of their interests.

Studio Directory-:

TattooMeNow offers studio directory containing handy list of about ten thousand tattoo studio present in around thirty eight countries. Hence, finding tattoo professionals in local areas becomes easy as visitors will just have to search the directory. Bad reputation tattoo studios can be avoided by reading reviews and taking benefit of ratings. You are also allowed to share your personal experience with any particular tattoo studio where you went for getting the tattoo made and warn others if you were not satisfied by its services.

Video Vault-:

this feature allows visitors to view videos of those who have got the tattoo done. In a way, it imparts education as you can see the way tattoo artists do the work as well as provide professional advice related to tattooing, removing tattoo, and much more. This is the best place to see an insight of what goes on beyond tattooing in tattoo stores.

Discuss Forums-:

here you can meet different people who will give answers to your questions in a professional manner. At this place you can seek people’s opinion about some tattoo design if it is there in your mind along with answers to several questions that you will not find anywhere.

Media library-:

media library is that section of TattooMeNow that consists of helpful information content on art of tattooing. There are some ebooks that are available like you and your tattoo, infection prevention, getting inked, and so on. There is a collection of many other eBooks related to fitness and health category for members to read. The only negative feedback about TattooMeNow is that visitors have to wait for getting membership which is annoying for them.

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